Charities Supported

Total of all 100+ Women Who Care Southern Maine donations to date: $592,744!

(Including contributions of approximately $94,692 to charities who were not selected.)

If you missed a meeting, please:
send your check (made out directly to the charity!) to Deb Bergeron, 7 Pine View Rd, Falmouth, ME 04105,
or donate by credit card through our giving circle on Grapevine.

May 2024

In February, 100+ WWC selected Best Buddies in Maine as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Best Buddies in Maine is dedicated to ending the isolation of students and adults with IDD, also known as intellectual and developmental disorders. BBME currently has close to 40 chapters in local schools across the state that provide one-to-one friendship matches between students with and without IDD. The goal of their student programming is to engage students with and without disabilities with one another and forge meaningful friendships between the two groups. Understanding and inclusion start at a young age, and neurotypical students very rarely work with kids in the disability classroom. School chapters host frequent chapter events for socialization, and students matched in friendship pairs spend time together outside of school and regularly communicate through call, text, email, etc. We also have four Citizens chapters, which offer similar social engagement and friendship for adults with disabilities in Portland, Bangor, and Waterville. Our leadership training program (Ambassadors) also works with people of all ages to advocate for and support the disability community out in day-to-day life.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $14,162.

February 2024

Madelines Mission logo

In February, 100+ WWC selected Madeline’s Mission as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Madeline’s Mission seeks to provide a path toward wellness, healing, and hope for families surviving child loss. They believe that no one should have to go through the grief journey alone. Madeline’s Mission strives to provide compassionate, individualized services and connection to local resources enabling people to get the healing supports that they may desire following a loss. No matter in what way a child has been lost or is anticipated to be lost, Madeline’s Mission stands alongside to support families through that process from the time they identify the need; regardless of the circumstances of the loss.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $21,042*.

November 2023

In November, 100+ WWC selected Greater Portland Family Promise as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Greater Portland Family Promise’s (GPFP) mission is to help families experiencing homelessness and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response. GPFP serves families experiencing homelessness. 100% of the families served by GPFP are New Mainers from African countries primarily Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $19,657*.

August 2023

Trauma Intervention ProgramBarb McDonald for Trauma Intervention Program

In August, 100+ WWC selected Trauma Intervention Program as the recipient charity for the quarter.

TIP volunteers provide emotional first aid to survivors of tragedy in order to ease their immediate suffering and facilitate their healing and long term recovery.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $18,538*.

May 2023

In May, 100+ WWC selected Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The mission of the MSSPA is to protect the health and welfare of neglected and abused equines seized by law enforcement. The Society’s work centers around the care and rehabilitation of the horses in their herd, as well as offering humane education both at the farm and on location.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $13,416.

As MSSPA was not eligible for the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation grant, runner up, Safe House, was awarded the $5,000 grant.

February 2023

Finding Our VoicesPatrisha McLean + Deb Bergeron

In February, 100+ WWC selected Finding Our Voices as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Finding Our Voices is survivors breaking the silence, stigma and cycle of domestic abuse, with groundbreaking awareness campaigns and sister-support that includes financial assistance. This grassroots organization is making the lives of women and children safer all over Maine, one community and conversation at a time.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $20,728*.

November 2022

In November, 100+ WWC selected Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association works to enhance the sustainability of Maine’s fisheries by advocating for the needs of community-based fishermen and the environmental restoration of the Gulf of Maine. MCFA is supported through federal and state grants, foundations and private donations. Funds are used to support fishermen, working waterfront communities and businesses, good insecurity, and fishermen’s wellness.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $17,678*.

August 2022

In August, 100+ WWC selected Maine Needs as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Maine Needs strives to help individuals and families in Maine meet their basic, material needs by providing donated clothing, hygiene products, household items, and other necessities. They focus on those starting life over from scratch: domestic abuse survivors, asylum seekers and those facing financial hardships.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $18,768*.

May 2022

In May, 100+ WWC selected Furniture Friends as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Furniture Friends is a nonprofit organization that provides donated furniture to people in need throughout Greater Portland. With ongoing support from the community, they are able to fulfill their mission of “Creating Homes. Rebuilding Lives.”

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $17,445*.

February 2022

In February, 100+ WWC selected Vet to Vet Maine as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Vet to Vet Maine offers support, companionship, a fellow veteran who understands, and a link to services for veterans who need a friend.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $17,447*.

November 2021

In November, 100+ WWC selected Book Fairy Pantry Project as the recipient charity for the quarter.

To begin to end illiteracy for free. Their mission: No child with no books. We serve children with few or no books in their homes statewide. Funds are used to purchase new and gently-used books, toothbrushes, pajamas, ziplock bags, printing informational and promotional materials, event supplies, and book storage.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $13,400.

Aug 2021

In August, 100+ WWC selected Esther Residence as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Their mission is to provide guidance in a safe and nurturing environment to women desiring to make positive life changes. We serve women coming out of incarceration, treatment programs, women on probation, on drug court, by self-referral, etc. They accept donations of money, volunteering services, items, and have been doing fund raising from the onset. Fund raising has increased with a very active Board of Directors. Three Sisters have been donating their energy and time since the onset to a tune of $108,000 a year. Two are clinical social workers and all three have experience in group settings with women. They provide wholistic services for the women through volunteers and grants: free dental x-ray, dental care, clothing needed when start a job, partial payment on deposit for their apartment, 5 family meals weekly, weekly house meetings, drug testing.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $13,000.

May 2021

In May, 100+ WWC selected SafeBAE as the recipient charity for the quarter.

SafeBAE is a survivor-founded, student-led national organization whose mission is to end sexual assault among middle and high school students. As the only national peer-to-peer organization of our kind, we help promote culture change by giving teens the tools to become activists and shift school culture through raising awareness about dating violence, sexual harassment and assault, affirmative consent, safe bystander intervention, survivor care, and their rights under Title IX.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $13,673.

February 2021

In February, 100+ WWC selected Growing to Give as the recipient charity for the quarter.

To grow organic vegetables using climate -friendly methods, and donate them to people in our community struggling with food insecurity through food pantries, soup kitchens, elder housing and other distribution sites.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $15,452.

November 2020

Count ME In Logo
In November, 100+ WWC selected Count ME In as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Inspiring student learning and aspirations by reducing chronic absenteeism in Maine, Count ME In serves Maine students preschool to grade 12. The focus is on students who are chronically absent, missing 10% of the school year. Presently 16.8% of K-12 Maine students are chronically absent. Maine studies have demonstrated that elementary students who are chronically absent scored a grade behind their peers in math and reading. Chronic absenteeism is a solvable problem if it is addressed early with a comprehensive, research-informed, data-based systemic approach.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $13,037.

August 2020

In August, at our first ever Zoom meeting, 100+ WWC selected LymeTV as the recipient charity for the quarter.

LymeTV is a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization dedicated to educating the global community about Lyme disease and other dangerous tick-borne infectious diseases located worldwide. We believe the best way to reduce tick-borne diseases is by prevention, awareness, and early detection information. LymeTV aims to help reduce the incidence of these diseases through prevention methods and “daily tick check” education campaigns.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $15,185.

May 2020 Virtual Food Drives

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 100+ WWC has donated $1000 each to Good Shepherd Food Bank and Full Plates Full Potential, and encourages our members to donate to either (or both!) in lieu of our May meeeting. To date, 100+ WWC members have donated over $13,700.

Good Shepherd Food BankAs the COVID-19 situation emerges and develops, Good Shepherd Food Bank is channeling all of its efforts to be a resource for the state of Maine. We are committed to working with federal, state, and local partners to deliver critical services that ensure that Mainers have access to food.To date, 100+ WWC has collected $5,883As schools shut down during the COVID-19 emergency, around 80,000 Maine kids will struggle to access meals. Full Plates Full Potential has established an emergency fund to support any public school in Maine that closes due to the pandemic. These emergency funds will help schools pay for increased meals, packaging breakfast and lunch meals, transporting the food to eligible sites and more.To date, 100+ WWC has collected $7,759.

February 2020

In February, 100+ WWC selected Mainely Character as the recipient charity for the quarter.

They make character count for Maine high school seniors who have been accepted at an accredited post-secondary institution. Their expenses are minimal – ($300 a year) and all fundraising efforts center on scholarships: this year they have four $2500 scholarships. All funds come from commitments of organizations such as banks and other firms interested in character. 100+ Women Who Care Southern Maine’s donations will fund a scholarship for each of the next 3 years!

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $15,549.

November 2019

In November, 100+ WWC selected Hair Matters as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Hair Matters Mission is to validate, celebrate and revitalize participants’ sense of self/identity by offering free professional salon services and resources, in a non-medical setting, to those affected by cancer treatment and related hair, skin and nail changes. Debby Porter is the founder.
Debby discusses: dealing with hair loss; skin and nail changes; getting a haircut to minimize the change when it begins to fall out; try on a variety of wigs; receive tips for skin and scalp care; wigs can be custom fit, shaped, washed/set while learning how to care for it. Learn how to accessorize with hats, scarves, head bands. Debby will shape/style your hair as it grows back, easing the transition from a wig back to your own hair.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $16,700.

August 2019

In August, 100+ WWC selected The Locker Project as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Locker Project connects food-insecure children in Maine with nourishing food to improve their learning capacity, health and future. Our programs take a whole-family approach to child hunger and strive to be low barrier, stigma-free and environmentally responsible. We currently serve preschools, public schools, and youth programs in Portland, Westbrook, South Portland, and Saco. We stock school pantries with healthy staples and distribute thousands of pounds of rescued fresh food every month for children to take home to share with their families. With a staff of three, we rely on more than 80 volunteers each month to help manage the warehouse, collect and transport food, and host fresh food distribution events. Our programs are supported by individual donors, local businesses and community groups, and foundations.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $15,210.

May 2019

In May, 100+ WWC selected My Place Teen Center as the recipient charity for the quarter.

My Place Teen Center provides a safe haven for youth, ages 10 – 18, sustaining them with comfort, meals, resources, and hope. MPTC is year round, free, out of school time program for all youth, from any locale, ages 10-18. Specializing in cultivating grit, and alleviating hunger and trauma, MPTC offers a multi-purpose, academically-enriching, life-skills enhancing, positive youth development program.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $15,000.

February 2019

In February, 100+ WWC selected Michael Klahr Jewish Family Services Diaper Bank as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Michael Klahr Jewish Family Services Diaper Bank, part of the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine, provides 25-50 diapers per baby per month to families expressing need. We supply over 300,000 diapers a year to 8,000 babies , distributing through 15 agencies throughout Southern Maine. Funds are used strictly to buy diapers and are raised through grants and donations. Their motto is “No Child Wet Behind”!

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $15,000.

November 2018

In November, 100+ WWC selected McAuley Residence as the recipient charity for the quarter.

McAuley Residence (McAuley) is a comprehensive, evidenced-based program for women with or without children seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Started in 1988 and run by Mercy Hospital, McAuley offers a holistic approach to wellness and recovery, including support for parenting, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness, financial responsibility and literacy, workforce development, and education counseling.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $14,025.

August 2018

Deb Bergeron and Sue Wall

In August, 100+ WWC selected Portland Wheelers as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Portland Wheelers are people in Greater Portland who want to give the gift of bicycling – or adaptive tricycling – to people living with significant disabilities.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $13,650.

May 2018

Jeanne Bartolomeo, Deb Bergeron and Melissa TombackCommunity Birth Doula Program

In May, 100+ WWC selected Community Birth Doula Program as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Community Doula Birth Program provides reduced cost doula services to low-income pregnant women and their families in the Greater Portland area by connecting doulas-in-training with families in need. We provide services to MaineCare participants, those in a financial hardship, refugees, immigrants, and more. Doulas-in-training are matched with experienced mentors who provide support through the course of their services.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $13,900.

February 2018

Through These Doors logo

In February, 100+ WWC selected Family Crisis Services (now Through These Doors) as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Our donations will be going to YAAP (Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program), which offers healthy relationship and dating abuse prevention programs for young people 12 through 24 years old. Staff and faculty trainings and workshops for parents provide the tools that are needed to recognize dating abuse, know how to respond, and be aware of community resources.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $12,450.

November 2017

Southern Maine Agency on AgingIn November, 100+ WWC selected Southern Maine Agency on Aging as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Southern Maine Agency on Aging’s mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults, adults with disabilities, and the people who care for them.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $11,350.

August 2017

In August, 100+ WWC selected Family Hope as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Family Hope helps guide families and friends of people with mental health issues navigate the mental health system and find helpful resources.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $10,250.

May 2017

Maine Inside Out18301111_1334538196653915_394557829835646693_nIn May, 100+ WWC selected Maine Inside Out as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Maine Inside Out believe that, by studying together and working on issues of crime, justice, and related social concerns, those of us inside and outside of prison can catalyze the kinds of changes that will make our communities more inclusive, just, humane, and socially sustainable.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $9,960.

February 2017

The Sisters Wish logoLeslie Morissette and Deb BergeronIn February, 100+ WWC selected The Sisters Wish as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Sisters Wish grants wishes to chronically or terminally ill young adults 18-30 who reside in Maine, NH, MA. Started by 2 sisters, Beth & Amy, after losing their brother Craig to cancer, they have granted 36 wishes to date.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $8,900.

November 2016

deb-adele-2womenworld_1452016467In November, 100+ WWC selected Women United Around the World as the recipient charity for the quarter.

They celebrate, advocate and assist women locally and globally to achieve independence through vocational training and community connection.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $7,955.

August 2016

In August, 100+ WWC selected the Pets for Vets – Portland, Maine Chapter as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Pets for Vets program is dedicated to supporting veterans and providing a second chance for shelter pets by rescuing, training and pairing them with America’s veterans who could benefit from a companion animal.

To date, 100+ WWC has collected $7,570.

May 2016

In May, 100+ WWC selected the Grahamastic Connection as the recipient charity for the quarter.

Grahamtastic’s mission is to provide free laptops, tablets, robots Grahamtastic photoand internet access to seriously ill children for educational purposes.

They envision all seriously ill children in America continuing their education uninterrupted despite their medical condition or financial limitation. They provide the tools and support needed to connect children, face-to-face with their classrooms and teachers, family and friends and medical teams.

100+ WWC collected a total of $6,600.

February 2016

robbie_logoIn February, 100+ WWC selected the Robbie Foundation as the recipient deb, julie & Annecharity for the quarter.

The goal of Robbie Foundation is to see the world brought to children who are unable to explore it on their own.

The organization’s mission is to cultivate awareness about the disabled population and to raise funds to provide adaptive equipment, assistive technology, therapy treatment, toys or any item not covered by insurance that would help improve well-being and quality of life for children with special needs.

100+ WWC collected a total of $6,900.

November 2015


At the 1st Anniversary meeting, 100+ WWC sDeb & Bethelected Saint Andre Home the recipient charity for the quarter.

Saint Andre Home will earmark our donation for their wonderful and caring program Hope Rising.

Hope Rising is a residential treatment program for survivors of the crime of human trafficking. Human Trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery – and it exists here in the State of Maine. No issue may be more threatening to the well-being of Maine’s most vulnerable populations than the proliferation of human sex trafficking rings. Hope Rising provides a safe, secure place for survivors to heal, receive treatment and start to rebuild their lives.

100+ WWC collected a total of $7,454.

August 2015


In August, 100+ WWC selected Susan presenting2 (1)Furniture Friends as the recipient charity for the

Furniture Friends is a nonprofit
organization that collaborates with faith-based organizations, social service agencies, the City of Portland and volunteers to deliver good used furniture to people in need.

100+ WWC collected a total of $6,000.

May 2015


In May, 100me & Susan greenwood+ WWC selected the Cromwell Center for Disabilities Awareness as the recipient charity for the quarter.

The Cromwell Center is dedicated to changing attitudes and building understanding so that people with disabilities can enjoy the same respect, support, and opportunity that we all deserve.

100+ WWC collected at total of $6,650.

February 2015

One Warrior Won logoBarb Bonnetti, Rich Brewer and Deb BergeronTogether at the group’s second meeting, 100+WWC selected One Warrior Won as the charity to support.

One Warrior Won is dedicated to educating and supporting past/present Service Members and their families to survive the struggles of PTSd/TBI, find peace in their place of new normal and finally begin to thrive while living a fulfilling life, free from the War that has raged within them.

100+ WWC collected a total of $6,275.

100+ WWC Founder Deb Bergeron and February presenter, Barb Bonetti

November 2014

Simple Gifts Logo

At the inaugural meeting, the charity Simple Gifts100+ WWC Founder Deb Bergeron and Simple Gifts Chair Mary Irace was selected.

Simple Gifts is an amazing grass-roots charity that is making a difference in Southern Maine by providing financial support and encouragement to patients and families in a medical crisis.

100+WWC collected a total of $4,875.

When a charity is chosen and receives a donation from 100+ Women Who Care Southern Maine, they are not eligible to be selected again for three years.

*Including a $5,000 grant from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation.

If you have questions about our group, contact founder Deb Bergeron, 207-232-0488 or email
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